Unplug ~


If I asked you to commit to time each day without your devices, could you do it?

We are a culture obsessed with, and addicted to, our devices. Although technology is helpful and improves our lives in numerous ways, our attachment to it distracts us and causes unnecessary stress. Unnecessary because we have the power to unplug and detach ourselves from it, if we choose to.

You might not realize it; but too much screen time does (in fact) hinder optimal health and well-being, and all that beeping, pinging, vibrating and ringing you hear from your phone all day long, distracts you and contributes to over-loading your mind. When you commit to giving yourself a time-out from all devices each day, you benefit in big ways. When you benefit, so does everyone around you.


Time unplugged helps:


  • clear the mind
  • reduce stress
  • reduce feelings of loneliness and depression
  • boost creative thinking
  • improve productivity
  • build healthier relationships

It gives you the opportunity to connect with others around you in meaningful ways. Plus ~ when you aren't sitting in front of a device, you open your senses and awareness to all the beauty that surrounds you.


Here are The Best Times to Uplug Throughout the Day:


First Thing in the Morning ~

You might not realize it, but how you start your day matters. Your first thoughts, the first words you speak, the first things that you do, all contribute to how your day will go. If you're in the habit of looking at your phone first thing in the morning, stop. Starting your day in a positive way doesn't begin with rolling out of bed and checking emails or social media. 

Mealtimes ~

For optimal digestion of food, your body needs to be in a calm state and you need to be chewing your food properly. Mindful eating is the best eating. If you're eating while on your computer or scrolling through your phone, you aren't mindfully eating. For more on this and other great tips for eating well and reducing anxiety, click here. 

An Hour Before Bed ~

Committing to no devices one hour before bed will help you greatly help improve your sleep. One of the best rituals I've ever created for myself is my evening ritual. Among other things, this time is free from all technology. To learn more about it, click here. 

When You're With Others ~

Although we've allowed it become regular social behavior, texting or checking social media while in the presence of others is just plain rude. Make it a habit to be fully present with those you're with, especially when you're with children. Children are wonderfully observant. If you're on your phone while talking or playing with them, you're teaching them that this behavior is acceptable. When I'm engaged with my children, I work really hard at being totally engaged, and this means, off my phone. I want them to know that they have my complete attention. Not only does this help teach them phone etiquette and manners, it also lets them know that they're more important than what's on my phone.

Walking in Nature ~

Walking in nature provides SO many benefits including helping to increase your movement throughout the day, clearing your mind, improving your mood, and stimulating creative thinking. Walking in nature is also a VERY effective to help reduce stress and depression. While walking provides a great opportunity to listen to podcasts and enjoy music, allowing a walk in nature without earbuds in is another great chance to unplug during the day. Enjoying a walk in nature unplugged is the only way to fully immerse yourself in the beauty and wonderful sounds of nature that surround you.

And guess what? All those messages, emails, and likes on social media that you aren't seeing immediately, won’t go anywhere. I promise they will sit there waiting patiently for your return.

So, are you up for it? Are you willing to unplug for a while every day? Leave a comment and let me know, I love hearing from you!


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