Your Live Well Journey ~ The Podcast


Brought to you by Amanda Lee

It can be challenging to stay on the wellness path. We all require a little guidance and support from time to time. Your Live Well Journey ~ The Podcast was created to give you that guidance and support. This is the show where we talk about self-care practices, health, and well-being. It’s also where I share my 5-star rated yoga nidra practices. Learn how to calm your nervous system and put yourself at the top of your to do list.

Self-Care Isn't A Luxury, It's A Necessity AND You Are Worth It!

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What Others Are Saying:

"Amanda I have to thank you for sharing your experience with dry brushing. I got my brush a couple of days ago and gave myself a home spa day. I just love my dry brush. I dry brushed, had a long enjoyable shower, and slathered myself with coconut oil. I felt so glorious afterwards and it has helped my dry skin tremendously. Thank you once again."

- S.S.


"Thank You for the reminder about dry brushing. I've got out of the habit of doing it regularly and while listening to your podcast this morning was reminded of how good it feels."

- S.D.

"I love how practical and approachable these episodes are. Amanda offers short yet impactful conversations so listeners can take something away and implement each week. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us!"

- E.R.

"Amanda's focus on self-care is so needed. Her reminders are presented in a simple to understand format and she provides practical tips that can be easily applied. If you are looking for ways to live well and make time for self-care, definitely check out this podcast."

– R.L.

"Great podcast today Amanda. I used to dry brush years ago. Good reminder to start again."

- B.M.

"Wellness reminders are so needed! This podcast is so motivational and easy to listen to!"

- B.C.

"Amanda gives me inspiration in such a positive way. I always enjoy her honesty and heartfelt messages. I am happy I found her to help my journey."

– W.M.W.

"Self-care is so needed in these times and listening to an episode is just the reminder I need to take care of me!"

– L.A.

"This podcast created by Amanda Lee is amazing! She is so real, honest & encouraging. She gives fantastic tips for self-care & everyday life things."

– K.Y.

"Easy listening that leaves you feeling motivated and excited about self-care. Love this podcast."

- B.R.

"Such a great podcast full of valuable information!!"

– P.M.

"This is an amazing and inspiring podcast that reminds you that you’re worth taking care of - ALWAYS! The tips and advice are delivered in a kind and encouraging way! Thank you for this gift."

– A.F.

"I came across Amanda Lee from Facebook and have since been her avid follower! Her podcasts have been amazing and an added asset to me during my low times. I would recommend everyone to listen to her podcasts . Very encouraging and engaging."

– P.S.

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