Detox Your Life ~


You’ve likely heard of detox diets to help improve your health and perhaps you’ve even done some of those diets. Have you ever considered detoxing your life? Just as food will either support or sabotage your health, what you consume in other areas of your life will either support or sabotage how you’re living.

Everything that surrounds you, influences how you feel. Your home, the stuff in your home, the people you talk to on a regular basis, what you watch on TV, what you consume on the internet. Each of these things contributes to how you feel.

The more loving and nurturing environment you’re in, the better you feel.


The way you live is your responsibility and you're in charge of creating your environment. You can consciously create a more loving environment to be in. Doing a detox of your life is a great way to start!

First you need to detox, or get rid of the things that impact you negatively. After doing that, you need to become conscious about bringing in things that are more loving and nurturing. That help you create the life the want to be living.


Here's some tips to help you get started:


First, it's really helpful to create a vision board to help set your intention and serve as inspiration and motivation.


Create a Self-Love Vision Board ~


I love vision boards and have been creating them for myself for years. Vision boards are a fun, creative way to set your intentions and visualize what you really want. If you want to live in a more loving and nurturing environment, it makes sense to create a vision board that depicts exactly that.

You can create this kind of vision board by feeling into what it would feel like to be really in love with yourself. Don't think about it, feel what it feels like in your body. Then find images, words, and phrases that reflect what you feel inside. This is what you put on your vision board.

Make sure to hang your vision board in a place where you'll see it daily. Give yourself a moment each day to look at your vision board and feel the feelings that the words, images, and phrases bring to you.

If you’re already in the practice of loving and nurturing yourself, you can still do this. What does it feel like to live in that space? Find the images, words, and phases that express what you feel and create your vision board to serve as a reminder for you to continue to create that environment to live in.

For more on how vision boards work and helpful tips for creating one, click here.

After you’ve created your vision board and set the intention for the environment that you want to live in, it's time to detox the things that aren't serving you.


The following areas to detox are things that you want to pay attention to because likely experience them daily. They’re a part of your environment. Are they positive, uplifting, nurturing, loving? What energy do they bring to you? How do you feel? These are the questions you want to ask.


The People in Your Life ~


Do an inventory of all the people that surround you; your loved ones, friends, co-workers, and so on. Do they want you to succeed? Do they have your back? Are you surrounded by people that are positive and make you feel good? Do they genuinely care about your best interest?

These are the kind of people you want in your life. Those who are genuine, authentic, positive, supportive, and loving. If you’re surrounded by negative people, you want to decrease the amount of time you’re with them or remove them from your life. For tips on figuring out whether you have positive or negative people in your life, click here. 

What You Watch on T.V. ~


Let me start by saying I’m not a big T.V. watcher and haven’t been for many years. The reason is because T.V. easily takes over your life. It’s too easy to sit zoned out in the front of the T.V. and not be productive. I feel that T.V. can be a huge time sucker and energy drain. So although I do watch it, I watch very little and I’m very conscious about what I watch.

If you want a lot of T.V., challenge yourself to watch less. You might choose to start with 15 or 30 min less a day and then increase the amount of time gradually. This will free up your time to be doing productive things. You also want to pay close attention to what you’re watching because that energy is being brought into your home. Ask yourself the questions listed above ~ Is what you're consuming on T.V. positive, uplifting, nurturing, loving? Does it make you feel good? Or does it bring you down?

What You Listen To ~


Very similar to what you watch on T.V., what you’re listening to (music, podcasts, radio shows, etc.) greatly influence the way you feel. Remember, the energy of what you listen to comes into your space and influences the energy in your home. You want to be very conscious of how it makes you feel. If it isn’t positive, uplifting, nurturing, and loving, you'll want to ask yourself why you're listening to it and consider removing it from your life.

Online ~


This is a big one and so important given that we're online so much these days. What websites are you on? What’s in your social media feed? I strongly recommend doing an online audit every couple of months. Unfriend people, report ads that you don’t want to see in your feed, and snooze friends. Remember, you’re in charge of what you’re viewing online. It’s easy to forget this because we’re so used to being online passively. Social media and searching websites are often a time filler and therefore become something we do unconsciously. I want to encourage you to become conscious and aware and begin detoxing in this area.

Emails ~


Very similar to what you're consuming online, the emails that are filling your inbox everyday are something that you want to be paying attention to. If you're deleting half the emails in your inbox without even opening them, it's probably a good idea to just unsubscribe from those emails. Do a regular detox of your inbox. I can't tell you how freeing it is to do this. Only have emails coming in to your inbox that serve you in some way; that support the kind of life you want to live.

Your Physical Space ~


This is so important! What surrounds you in your home influences the way you feel. If you're surrounded by things that you don't love or if your rooms are colors that don't feel good to you, it's going to be more challenging to feel really great in your space. You want to be in rooms that are colors that you love and that make you feel good. You want the stuff in your home to reflect how you feel about your life. To be things that you love and that make you feel good. In fact, studies have shown that when women are amongst clutter, their cortisol (stress hormone) levels go up.

More stuff can lead to more stress. 

I recommend that you declutter your space every six months. For more on why decluttering is so important and tips for how you can do it effectively, click here.


Pay attention to what surrounds you. Detox the things that aren't supporting the way you want to live your life.

Remember, you're in charge of your life and you're in charge of the environment that you live in.

Your environment influences the way that you feel, so you want to create the environment that is going to help you achieve what you desire.



What areas of your life are you going to detox? Leave a comment and let me know.

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