You've likely heard of vision boards as they've been around forever. The question is, do you have any?

I love, love, love vision boards. I love everything about them and have for years.


Vision boards offer a relaxing activity that allow your creative juices to flow while helping you set your intentions.


Wikipedia defines a vision board (or a dream board) as a collage of images, pictures, and affirmations of one's dreams and desires, designed to serve as a source of inspiration and motivation, and to use the law of attraction to attain goals.

They're the easiest things ever to create! All you need is a surface to create your vision board on (poster board works really well, but you can use anything), some old magazines you can cut, scissors, glue, an intention, and your imagination. (And maybe a cup of tea to enjoy as well).

I know you're busy and I also know that if you make this a priority, you can find an hour (or so) to create your very own vision board.

5 Reasons to Vision Board:

Here's why you'll want to create one (or more) vision board(s) for yourself. 

1) Clarity

Creating a vision board will help you gain clarity. When you sit down to create your board, think of an area in your life where you feel uncertain, unhappy, or unfulfilled. Next, think about how you want to feel instead. What are you desiring? Then, begin cutting out images and words that reflect what you truly want.

2) Intention

Great! You're clear on what your board is going to be about, now it's important to set your intention. With every picture, word, or phrase you cut out, you're intending to bring that into your life. And this doesn't always mean the actual physical thing. It also means the feelings and the energy that you feel. Always think about how you feel when you look at every piece that will adorn your board.

3) Visualization

Being able to see before you what you desire helps to make it more real. It's no longer this thing that's out there. It's now being displayed right before your eyes. It helps to make it more tangible and achievable.

4) Reminder

Once your board is complete, keep it where you'll see it everyday. When you look at it, give yourself a minute (or longer) to connect with how you feel with the images, words, and/or phrases before you. This will help remind you of why you created this particular vision board in the first place. This reminder will also help inspire you to implement action steps towards achieving what you desire.

5) Creativity

This is meant to be a fun, stress-free exercise that'll help get your creativity flowing! Studies show that creative activities help relax the brain. Something we way-too-busy, stressed-out adults need!

Creating a vision board not only helps get your creative juices flowing and relax your mind, it also helps you achieve clarity, set your intentions, visualize what you really want, and have a beautiful way to remind yourself of it everyday.


How to Achieve Success with Your Vision Board:



expect exactly what you put on your board

force what you're desiring to come into your life

become attached or 'needy' to what's on your board

overthink anything


be open to receiving

allow patience

feel and create a board that comes from your heart

let go of expectations



Vision boards are fun to create and offer inspiration and motivation. So what you are waiting for? Get creative and start making yours today!


What do you love about creating and having a vision board? Share in the comments below.

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