Priorities ~ We all have them in life and they're unique to each of us.

The common thread that runs through all is that each one of us will always have, or acquire, that which we need for whatever we feel is priority. Let me explain what I mean with two of the most common things that people complain about not having enough of ~ time and money.


Time ~

Often over the years I’ve heard women say things like,

‘I don’t have time to go to the gym.’

‘There's no time for a creative writing class.’

‘I don’t have time to meditate.’

When I hear statements like these I hear that woman saying, ‘I don’t have time for myself. My time is already committed to everybody and everything else besides me.’

Furthermore, I feel that underneath these statements lies a belief that, she isn't worthy of giving herself time. If she felt worthy, she'd most definitely have the time. (And that's a whole other blog post.)

You see, every single one of us has the time we require to do the things and to meet the needs of that which is important to us. The way we invest our time is a choice and that choice is ours. For example, if going to the gym is a priority for someone, then they'll make sure that they have the time in their schedule to go to the gym. The things that are of less priority to them will be shifted around to make time at the gym work in their schedule.

Money ~

I’m sure at some point you've said (and most certainly have heard others say), ‘I can’t afford it.’

Often what we're really saying is, ‘I don’t feel that it’s enough of a priority for me right now to have the money to pay for it.’

Here’s an example…..A smoker will always have the money to buy cigarettes, because for them cigarettes are a priority. No matter how much money that person has or doesn’t have, because they have a smoking habit, they'll always have the money they need to buy cigarettes. They're willing to move other things down on their financial priority list to keep cigarettes near the top.

This isn't right or wrong and you can substitute cigarettes for anything in this example. Everything that we need to purchase goes into our order of priorities.

Of course, there will always be things in life that we simply don’t have the money for right now. One may not have the money right now for the down payment that they require to purchase their own home. However, if that purchase is a priority, then saving for the down payment will be as well.

Without any self-judgment, I encourage you to understand your priorities by considering what you're really saying the next time you tell yourself or someone else, 'You don’t have time for something.'

Is it really true that you don't have time? Or, is the truth that whatever it is isn't a priority for you?

And what about the next time you say that you, 'Can’t afford something.'

Is it true that you can't afford it? Or, are there other things at the top of your financial list of priorities?


When something is a priority to you, you will always have or acquire what you need to have it in your life.

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