Look at the picture of the mosaic above. Do you see how each small piece is necessary in contributing to the overall picture? If even one piece was missing, it would be incomplete. Right? The same principle is true for all the small things in life that we often overlook.

Every small thing that you do matters! Don't believe me? Keep reading....


It's easy to overlook the small things in life because small things often seem so insignificant. However, it's all the small things that contribute to the whole of something. It's the small things that contribute to how you feel, to how you perceive something, to how you receive something, or to how you respond. Every thing really is in the details.

Most people greatly underestimate the value of small things and don't both doing them. However, when you commit to doing small things each day, you can greatly help to improve your health and well-being.


Here's a few suggestions to help you get started:


Drink More Water - We all know we need to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Water is the body’s most important nutrient and staying hydrated benefits us in so many ways! Drinking water helps to rid the body of toxins, and boost your metabolism and immune system. It's fantastic for your skin, increases your energy, and helps to maintain regularity. And these are only a few of the many benefits!

With clean drinking water readily available to the majority of us, it's easy to consume. Commit to adding (at least) one more glass of water to your day It's a small, easy thing that you can do.


Unplug Each DayWe've become obsessed with and addicted to our devices. The truth is that although our attachment to technology is helpful and improves our lives in numerous ways, it also distracts us and causes unnecessary stress. Unnecessary, because we have the power to unplug and detach ourselves from it, if we choose to.

You might not realize that the beeping, pinging, vibrating, and ringing that you experience from your phone all day long, distracts you and contributes to feelings of overwhelm and anxiety.

When you commit to unplugging each day for a period of time, you benefit in big ways. Unplugging helps to: clear your mind; reduce stress; reduce feelings of loneliness and depression; boost creative thinking; improve productivity; and build healthier relationships. It gives you the opportunity to connect with others around you in a meaningful way. And guess what? All those messages and emails won’t go anywhere, I promise they will sit there waiting patiently for your return.


Be MindfulI know you're busy with lots on your mind and the idea of being mindful, even for a minute, seems impossible. It's not! It's actually really easy to do if you're willing to do it. In fact, the busier you are, the more you'll benefit from this practice.

Being mindful means you're present with whatever it is you're experiencing in the present moment without judgment.

You notice your thoughts or feelings without labeling them as good or bad. Whatever is, just simply is. All you need is a few mindful minutes a day (I suggest starting with one minute if a few minutes feels overwhelming) to effectively reduce stress and anxiety, and lower your blood pressure and heart rate. You can also effectively increase your awareness, attention, focus, and clarity in thinking. These are only a few of the many incredible benefits being mindful has. To learn more, click here.


Get Moving - We all know the importance of moving our body, yet how many of you make the conscious effort to do so? The vast majority of people don't give move their bodies nearly enough, and I get why ~ it's super easy not to in the world we live in! Driving everywhere, elevators to move us up and down, desk jobs that require us to sit all day, along with a plethora of things to watch while we sit zoned out in front of the TV or computer, to name only a few. Not getting enough movement throughout the day is not good. In fact, many experts agree that, 'Sitting is the new smoking.' Our sedentary lifestyle is harming our health, well-being and longevity.

The good news is that you can do small things each day to help increase your movement!

Use the stairs whenever possible, park far away so you have to walk through the parking lot to get to your destination, invest in a standing desk (I have one and it's fabulous BTW), or commit to going for a walk each day. Want more suggestions to help get your body moving? Here's 12 easy ways to help you Increase Movement.


Play - Play is most often associated with children. However it doesn't matter what our age is, we all require play in our life. Unfortunately, many of us adults have long forgotten how to play and don't realize how important it is.

"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."

- George Bernard Shaw

Play gives you the opportunity to forget about your commitments and responsibilities. It helps you let loose and have fun, feel joy, and enhance your emotional well-being. Play helps to release feel-good hormones, reducing stress and depression. And these are only some of the benefits! Learn more here, How Play Makes You Feel Better.


Small things really do matter. Nothing is too small to make a difference. Every single thing, no matter how insignificant it may seem, really does have an impact.


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