Just Do ~

A few years ago I learned the value in consciously choosing my thoughts and the words that I speak. I've come to deeply understand the power of thoughts and the power of the spoken word.

I strongly believe that we can help set ourselves up for success by becoming more conscious of our thoughts and words.

Years ago I heard a quote I never forgot, 'Trying is failing with honor.'

This statement makes sense to me. Ever since hearing it, rather than try to do something, I make a decision to just do it. (Are you seeing the Nike swoosh in your mind right now? :))

For me, do feels much more productive than try.

Knowing this, I could try to care for myself more. Or, I can decide to just do it.

Trying means I'm making an attempt or effort, which is good. However, when I commit to do something, it helps to ensure it'll get done. This is even better than good, it's fantastic!

You see, you have choice with every thought that you have and with every word that you speak. By becoming more conscious of these, you can help set yourself up for success to creating more of what you want in your life.

Consider these two words, try and do, the next time you want to commit to something. Will you try, or will you just do it?


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