When you prioritize yourself, you thrive.


When I introduce myself, I often do so in the order of priorities of how I live my life. I say, 'My name is Amanda Lee. I'm a woman dedicated to self-care, a wife, a mother, and a wellness entrepreneur.'


A Woman Dedicated to Self-Care

This is first on my list. Before anything and everything else, I am woman dedicated to self-care. I know with every cell of my being that who I am is who others receive. Who I am is who my loved ones will receive. Who I am is who my clients will receive. How I'm feeling is what ripples out to everyone and everything in my life. How can my relationships and business thrive if I'm not thriving? If I'm rundown and depleted, guess which Amanda shows up? I can't possibly give my best if I'm not feeling my best. To be my best, most fulfilled self, means I must be caring for myself or, (as I like to think of it) filling my own well, first.

First thing in the morning is the best time of day for me to find the quiet, uninterrupted time that I require. I begin my day by filling myself up first. This is one way I ensure that my husband, my children, my business, and all the many people I encounter throughout the day, receive a fulfilled me rather than a tired, overwhelmed me.

A Wife

Many people question that I note being a wife before stating that I'm a mother. Here's the thing.....I view my marriage as its own entity. There's me, I'm my own entity. There's my husband, he's his own entity. Then there's our marriage, and it is its own entity. I have my own well to fill. My husband has his own well to fill. Then our marriage has a well that requires filling. Our marriage needs to be nurtured and tended to, the same way we would a garden so that it can thrive. If our marriage isn't a priority, its well isn't full, and it isn't thriving. In order for our family to thrive, our marriage must be thriving.

One of the ways we ensure that we're always giving to our marriage is to have a once/wk date night. My husband and I prioritize one night each week to sit down together and connect after the kids have gone to bed. I cherish these nights. During this time our phones are put away and there's no TV or internet use. We talk without interruption. We commit our time and attention to each other and to our relationship.

A Mother

Next, I say that I'm a mother. My commitment to my self-care practices means that my children receive all of me. Our children are being loved and nurtured by adults who love and nurture themselves, and their relationship. By consistently giving to ourselves, then to our marriage, my husband I are a solid, fulfilled team working together to meet our children's needs. Our children are being raised learning that self-care is not selfish. They're also learning that self-care is a necessity, not a luxury. An important distinction.

A Wellness Entreprenuer

Stating my career last doesn't mean I don't love what I do. I absolutely love, love, love what I do! With every piece of me, I love it. Talking about self-care, sharing my experiences with it, and assisting other women on their journey to living well, is my passion. It helps to feed my soul. So much so, I began working less than 6 months after the birth of each of my children. Not because I had to for the money, rather because I chose to, to honor my passion.

The fact is, I can do what I do to the level I strive to do it at because everything else has come before it. I am full. My marriage is full and strong. My children and family life are thriving. Everything that comes before must be thriving to ensure that I thrive at what I do.


In order for something or someone to thrive, it or they must be well cared for. 


Of course, I have many other relationships in my life. I'm a daughter, a sister, a daughter and sister-in-law, a friend, a neighbor, and so on. All of these relationships fit into my life as well, after I'm cared for. After I'm cared for, because again, who I am is who my loved ones receive. And it's my responsibility to care for myself first so that I'm able to live and give from my fullest self.


How do you prioritize yourself? Please leave a comment below, I'd love to hear from you!

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