The Garden of Life ~


Your life is constantly reflecting on the outside how you feel and treat yourself on the inside. In the same way that the bounty and beauty that a garden provides, is a reflection of what happens on the inside of that garden.

Of course, many gardens will grow without an optimal environment. Just as you are still able to survive in a less than optimal environment. I’ve learned that it’s fairly easy to survive and most anyone can do that. Put food in your body when it’s hungry, even if it’s junk, you’ll likely survive. Get some sleep, even if it’s not as much as you require, you can still survive. Live in an emotionally toxic environment and you can survive; you may not be very happy but happiness isn’t a prerequisite for survival.  So many people live their life only surviving and they may survive for many, many years. They may live to be in their 90’s and have lived all those years and decades only surviving. To learn more about the difference between surviving and thriving, click here. 

However, when you care for yourself (in all areas), attend to your needs (always and in all ways), know your own worth, own your truth, and give your body proper nourishment and hydration, you set yourself up to thrive and flourish. To live your fullest potential.

One of the most important ways to care for a garden is to remove the weeds. Weeds left unchecked in a garden will quickly take over and deplete whatever is growing within it. So too will the weeds in your life. Those weeds come in many forms, both externally and internally. It's necessary that you're always tending yourself, making sure you remove the "weeds". Be aware of what drains you and be willing to remove all that will keep you from optimal growth and flourishing.

Be willing to let go of the people who aren't respectful of you. These are the ones who aren't interested in you achieving your highest good. They're the ones who will drain you, either a lot a once or little by little, with each side comment and negative remark.

It's up to you to recognize and remove all weeds before they have a chance to grow comfortably in your garden.

Just as every garden is unique and different, so too are you. Know what you require to thrive.

The nourishment that your body requires may be slightly different than what another requires. For example, my body does really well with plant-based protein, and I feel my best not eating meat. My husband, on the other hand, feels that his body requires meat protein to thrive.

What feels like a weed to you may not feel like a weed to someone else.

Just as the more you know your garden the better you can tend to it, the more you know yourself the better you can care for yourself. When you pay attention to what you require, release what drains you, and deeply care for yourself, you provide an optimal environment to grow in. In this environment, you move from simply surviving to positively thriving.


Your life will always be as bountiful and as beautiful as you choose to make it. Tend to yourself on the inside and you'll flourish on the outside. 


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