The biggest challenge I hear from women when it comes to self-care is finding the time. Most women feel overwhelmed with their already busy to-do schedules. Is that you?


I want you to know that it is possible for you to find time for yourself no matter how busy you are. It really is possible! I promise.

First things first, it's important to know that your time is yours. You've been given a beautiful opportunity to have life and the time that fills that life is for you to do with it whatever you choose. Have you ever thought about it like that before?

Time isn't this elusive thing that some people are lucky enough to have in abundance. Time is the same for all of us. We all get the same 24 hours in a day and what you do with those hours is up to you. What I do with my 24 hours each day and what you do with your 24 hours each day will look different based on our priorities.

You see, you always have time for what you feel is a priority. So first things first, you need to declare that you're a priority. When you are, you'll move around things in your schedule to make time for self-care. And, you'll find time you didn't even know you had! I talk about this more in-depth in the blog, What's Your Priority?


4 Tips for Finding Time for Yourself:


1) Put You in Your Calendar

If you prioritize going to a yoga class, you'll make sure it's in your calendar to ensure nothing else interferes with that priority. The same is true for giving time to yourself. Get yourself in the habit of putting you on your to-do list. Even if it's only for 5 minutes to sit and breathe deeply in between meetings. Think about it, you put everything else of importance in your calendar: meetings, your hair app't, taking the car in for an oil change, and so on. Giving time to you is just as valuable as all the other things you schedule.

2) Commit to the Same Time Each Day

Committing to the same time each day will greatly help to set you up for success. Consistently giving yourself time each day will help you establish a habit. For example, you might choose to go for walk each day during your lunch break. Doing this consistently over a few weeks will help establish it as a new habit in your life.

My favorite way to find time in the day for me is to give myself time each morning. I always recommend that you give yourself time each morning by rising a bit earlier than you actually need to. This ensures you'll have uninterrupted time for yourself each day AND you get to start your day by filling yourself up first. YAY! I suggest rising 30 - 60 minutes earlier than you have to. However, if that amount of time feels overwhelming, start with 10 minutes. Give yourself those few minutes to breathe deeply and do a few stretches before the demands of the day begin. To learn more about my morning ritual, click here.

3) Set Boundaries

Be willing to set boundaries with your time, say 'no' to some things, and delegate to others. This can be challenging because often we want to appear as though we're not weak and we can handle it all. It also makes us feel that we're in control if we're doing everything. The truth that I've learned is you end up being controlled by the never-ending list of shoulds and have to dos. A strong woman will admit when she needs help and will easily ask for it. And guess what? Most of the people in your life are more than happy to help you out! Learn more in this blog, Say No and Delegate.

4) Learn to Love Yourself

Learning to love yourself relates to finding time for yourself because the more you love yourself, the easier caring for yourself becomes. Think about it, all the people that you love deeply you also care for deeply. Right? You make their health and well-being a priority.The same is true for you. When you deeply love yourself, you'll also deeply care for yourself. Finding time to practice self-care comes naturally and easily when you're doing it from a place of love. Learn more here, The Importance of Self-Love.


No matter how busy you are or what you schedule looks like, I know there's time for You in it.


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Where can you schedule yourself in your calendar? Share in the comments below.

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