Embracing Fall ~


The days are becoming shorter. A fresh, crispness can be felt in the air alongside the warmth of the sun. A gentle reminder that we are in a season of transition. The long, hot days of summer are gone and winter will soon be upon us.

It’s time to transform my wardrobe from the light fabrics & bright colors of summer to sweaters & hues that match what I see outside. This is the time of year that Mother Nature immerses us in beautiful, rich tones; deep reds, earthy browns, brilliant yellows, & burnt oranges. The time of year when a walk outside is not only met with an AWE-some display of colors, but also with the earthy smell from the foliage that has fallen to the ground.

Apples, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, & anything with cinnamon feel like a comforting change from the salads & fresh fruit my body wanted all summer. Though I love endless summer days and all that comes with the season we now say so long to, I always feel ready for fall when the time comes. I fully embrace the magnificence of this season & look forward to its transition, as well as my own, every year.

How do you embrace fall? I’d love to hear what this season ignites in you!


Here's some healthy fall recipes you'll love:


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