Mindset Matters ~


Welcome 2021! As I considered what topic to discuss in the first blog of the new year, I knew instantly that mindset was it. It's one of the best topics to start off the new year with.

Mindset is a huge topic and it's talked about - a lot. Mindset is its own industry. There are coaches who work with you just on mindset. Why has this become such a business? Because it's important.

Your mindset alone can literally be the thing that helps you succeed or helps you fail.


Before I get into the importance of mindset and share tips to help you improve yours, let me start by saying this: If you're exhausted or feeling rundown, mindset alone isn't going to get you out of that. Sleep and rest is what you need. If you're feeling exhausted, worn-out, or rundown, prioritize sleep. Get yourself out of exhaustion first. You can certainly be using mindset tools during this time, but make sleep your #1 priority. For more on sleep, click here.

All right, now let's talk mindset.

What is mindset?

The definition of mindset on Dictionary.com is - a fixed attitude, disposition, or mood. Think about what your attitude is about your life. Do you think and feel positively about your life? Or, do you think and feel negatively about your life? This is your mindset.

What and who you're surrounded by, what you do with your time and energy, and what you eat, all help contribute to your mindset. For example - If you have negative people in your life, their negativity will contribute to you feeling negative. If you're working in a job that you don't love, that will contribute to a more negative mindset.

Remember, your mindset is your attitude; it's how you think and feel about yourself and your life. You're influenced by all that's in your life and by what you do in your life. The more positivity you have in your life, the more positively influenced you're going to be.


Ways to Improve Your Mindset


Prioritize Sleep 

First and foremost, prioritize sleep. I already touched this earlier because it's so important. Make sure you're receiving the amount and quality of sleep you require each and every night. You'll feel so much better about yourself, about the world, about your life. Everything is better when you've had sleep.

Start Your Day in a Positive Way 

Let the first thing you say to yourself when you wake up in the morning be, thank you. Thank you for another beautiful day of life you've been given. Be grateful you're alive. Even if you're broke, you've lost your job, or you're not feeling well....actually especially if you're any of those things, be grateful you're alive. You have life. Feel gratitude for your life and start your day acknowledging that.


Play and listen to music often. We know that music greatly influences the way we feel. Listen to music that feeds your soul, that makes you feel good, and do it often.


What you're surrounded by influences the way you feel. Surround yourself with things you love. Fill your physical space with what you love and get rid of what you don't love. Do a major declutter and let go of what doesn't bring you joy and contribute to you feeing good. For more on decluttering, click here.

Who's in Your Life? 

Just like the stuff that surrounds you, the people in your life also greatly influence your mindset. Surround yourself with people who inspire you, uplift you, have your back, and make you feel good. Be willing to let go of relationships that aren't serving you in a positive way. Of course, there's always people you can't easily let go of like a family member or perhaps a work colleague. In this case, create boundaries and limit your time with that person. Negative people will bring you down, positive people will lift you up. To learn more about how those in your life lift you up or bring you down, click here.


How we use technology also greatly influences the way we feel. Fill your day with positive influences. You want to feel inspired everyday. Intentionally fill yourself with positive, life-affirming information through sources of technology. Think about the podcasts you subscribe and listen to, what you watch or listen to on YouTube. The books you read. What you watch on T.V. And take a good hard look at what you're seeing on social media. Get rid of negative people from your feed and make sure that what you receive from social media is positive and uplifting. If you aren't already listening to Your Live Well Journey - The Podcast, click here to subscribe and listen.

Get Moving 

Ensure that you're moving your body every single day. This will hugely contribute to what you think and how you feel about your life. It's proven that movement helps you feel better. Regular physical exercise is shown to significantly reduce stress and feelings of depression. It also helps to release your feel good hormones and improve sleep. All of these will help you have a more positive mindset. For more on moving your body, click here.

Positive Affirmations or Mantras 

Write out positive statements, affirmations, or mantras and post them all around where you'll see them often. This will help to continuously remind you of them and whenever you see them, speak the words out loud and feel that energy of the words.

Vision Boards 

Create a vision board (or multiple vision boards) for your life. Whatever area(s) you want to improve on, create a vision board for it. Why? Because doing so helps you get really clear on what it is you're desiring. After you've created a vision board, post it where you'll see it every day so you're always reminded of what you're working towards. For more on vision boards, click here.

Eat Well 

Fill yourself with healthy, whole foods as much as you can and stay well hydrated. That old saying, you are what you eat, really is true. If you're eating junk food, you'll feel like crap. If you're not well hydrated, your brain can't focus as well, you literally can't think as clearly. Consume real food as much as possible and drink plenty of filtered water throughout the day. For more on ways to remain hydrated, click here. For healthy recipes, click here.

Seek Support 

Of course can always hire someone to help support you. In fact, I highly recommend it when you're first starting out on building a positive mindset because having a professional to help you and support you, will greatly help you at succeeding. Investing in yourself first is always the best investment. Sometimes we need help getting out of old patterns, behaviors, and thoughts that keep us stuck in the same old same old.

There's tons of options out there. Find the person or program that you feel aligned with and make the investment. You're worth it! If you want to learn more about working with me and my mentoring program, click here to request a consultation call. They're free and not a sales call. Just a quick call that gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you have so that you can make an informed decision and know if the program is right for you.


What do you do to help your mindset? Leave a comment and let me know, I'd love to hear from you!

If you've enjoyed this blog, I'd greatly appreciate you sharing it so that others can benefit from reading it as well. Thank you.

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