Gluten-Free Chicken Meatballs ~

My husband makes these chicken meatballs and he always makes extra so there's leftovers. Our kids absolutely love them and are always asking for, 'Those meatballs that Daddy makes.' These gluten-free chicken meatballs are great with rice, cauliflower rice, or quinoa. They also make a nice addition to roasted veggies and/or a pasta of your choice. They're gluten-free, dairy-free, and super quick to make. Best of all, they're kid-approved!




454 grams ground chicken*

1 egg

1/3 cup ground flax seed

2 Tbsp nutritional yeast** (or Parmesan cheese if you prefer)

1 Tbsp olive oil (plus a little extra for cooking)

Himalayan pink salt and fresh ground pepper to taste (optional)




Put all ingredients in a large bowl.

Wash your hands and get them in there! Mash and mix the ingredients together until everything is well blended.

Roll into meatballs.

Add a splash of olive oil into a large skillet.

Cook meatballs for 30-40 min on med-low heat, turning often to ensure even cooking.

It's just that easy!


* You can also substitute ground turkey to enjoy turkey meatballs using this same recipe.

** Nutritional yeast is commonly used in place of Parmesan cheese. It provides all nine of the essential amino acids that your body can’t make on its own and is also a great source of vitamin B12.


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