Dream Big ~ Start Small ~ Have It All

This is my all-time favorite saying! I've used it more than once to remind myself that I can go further than I think. We can accomplish so much more than we often give ourselves credit for. Use this simple saying whenever you feel limited in your life.

Dream Big ~ Dream as wide and as tall as you possibly can. Allow yourself to dream into the infinite possibilities of our incredible Universe. When you allow yourself to dream big, you open yourself up to a level of magnificence that is far greater than you even intended for yourself.

Start Small ~ This doesn't mean ‘be small’ or ‘play small’ in your thoughts or actions. It means starting where you are. When you dare to dream big, no matter where you are in this exact moment, it will always be small in proportion to your dream. So start exactly where you are and begin moving forward while remaining open. With each step forward you are being guided one step closer to your dream.

Have It All ~ Think it’s impossible to have all that you desire and more? Nothing – not one thing – is out of reach for you. It all begins with You and Your courage to dream big.


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