Spring - A Season of Rebirth, Renewal, and Fresh Starts ~


I love the feeling of fresh and new that comes with this time of year. Opening the windows to bring the fresh, crisp air inside, feels so good. Cleaning and clearing out what is no longer needed, both externally and internally, also feels sooo good. My body craves a fresh start as we enter this new season. What does your body crave?

When you pay attention to, and follow the rhythms of your body, you’ll notice how you’re linked with nature.

We’re not separate from nature, we’re one with nature. This is a fact we often forget.

As we enter another glorious spring season, I encourage you to feel into your body. Listen to the messages your body is giving you. Pay attention to what you feel like doing right now.




Hibernation has come to an end. The darkness of winter is lifting. The sun is shining more; its warmth is felt as it melts the last of the snow and it's enjoyed as the days are becoming longer.

This is the time of year where everything begins to come alive and bloom once again. Buds are appearing on trees. Plants and flowers are just starting to sprout from the earth. Birds are busy building nests for the eggs that will soon hatch their young.

Notice this renewal and rebirth around you and notice it within you. Just as new is beginning to form outside you in various ways, new is also forming within you.

Spring is the season where we feel the most rejuvenated, it's like coming alive again after the long, quiet days of winter. What has been growing within you that wants to come alive?


It’s Time to Say See You Later to Winter and Hello to Another New Spring Season!


As we enjoy all the fresh starts of spring, be sure to pay attention to the fresh starts that want to bloom from within you.


Let me know in the comments what spring feels like to you. I’d love to hear from you!

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