Learning to Love Myself ~


For many years I felt the term self-love was a bit corny and not much more than a buzzword. It's taken me a long time to understand that it's neither. I'm now consciously aware that self-love is a necessity for living well.

I remember the first time I ever looked at myself in the bathroom mirror and said the words, 'I love you,' to my reflection. It was an awkward moment that felt silly. It also felt inauthentic. I was saying words that I didn't truly believe at the time. And in the same moment, how could I not love myself? Aren't we all just supposed to naturally be able to feel love for ourselves?

Growing up I was taught how to love and care for other people and things, but not myself. The concept of looking at my reflection in the mirror, staring deeply into my own eyes, then feeling and expressing love for myself, was something I had to learn. Learning to love myself has been a journey, a journey that I've enjoyed. In fact, I now love loving myself.

For me, being in-love with myself has created a feeling of deep respect for the vessel (my body) that moves me through life.  Along with an admiration for the mind that enables me to process all that goes on in the world around me. Practicing self-love means I cherish myself, my time, and my energy. This creates no hesitation establishing boundaries in my life. Expressing and attending to my needs and desires is something I'm able to do without second thought. Acts of self-kindness come naturally.

Learning to love myself has shifted everything in my life! It's been a game-changer for me. It's been a vital component of moving me out of surviving into a life that is thriving.

What I know now is that with self-love, one is able to create change in their life for good. Without self-love, one is only able to create change for now. Let me explain.....

The level of devotion I feel for myself means I nourish, nurture and care for myself, daily and forever.

It isn't something I do for a short period of time, then fall back into old patterns and habits. This is what so commonly happens when one isn't in self-love. How often have you gone on a diet to, 'fit into a dress size,' or because you, 'should lose some weight'?

When you love yourself, you release the old patterns that keep you stuck in old habits. Allowing you to embrace new ones with ease. There's a shift that happens in the way you think about things. For ex. you wouldn't go on diet. You would embrace a healthier way of eating, which isn't attached to obtaining a goal. Rather, it's a natural enhancement you willingly and easefully bring into your life. When you love yourself, it becomes easy to do good things for yourself.

Because I love myself, I prepare meals with ease and even with pleasure. I willingly nourish my body and mind with high-quality, high-nutrient food. It isn't a chore for me to prep and cook meals. Why? I do it out of love. Love for myself and for my family.

Being able to say, 'No,' to that which doesn't serve me or work in my life, has become an easy thing to do. The love I feel for myself means I'm not willing to do things that I may later regret or feel resentment for, just to please somebody else.

Learning to love myself has given me the freedom to enjoy living my life as I choose to, guilt-free.

Furthermore, my heart has opened and continues to open. My self-love practice has enabled me to receive the flow of authentic love from another, without feeling it necessary to give anything in return. I'm aware that I'm deserving of such love, simply because I am me. And the love that flows from me is high-vibration, authentic love, that flows abundantly.


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Living with self-love is truly glorious! How do you live with this practice? Leave a comment below ~ I'd love to hear from you.

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