Creating Your Support Team ~

I know most of you are probably thinking about the upcoming holiday season right now. However, as we're nearing the end of this year, I want to challenge you to begin thinking about the new year today. Why? Successful people plan ahead. If you set your new years goals now and create a support team to help you achieve those goals before January, when everyone else is doing it, you're further ahead than others.

One of THE BEST things you can do to help achieve your goals is to create a support team to help you. What I'm sharing here will work for any area of your life that you want to improve. I help women with self-care, health and wellness, so I'm talking specifically about that.

Most often when someone wants to make a change or improve their life in some way, they go to all the free and inexpensive resources to help them first. If you want to improve your diet and exercise for example, you would very likely search healthy recipes online, maybe check out some YouTube videos for workouts, read blogs, listen to podcasts, start following those on social media that promote what you're looking for, you might even purchase a book or two. All of those things are fantastic and can most definitely be helpful!

However, without people in your life supporting the new habits you're trying to implement, it will be very difficult for you to succeed in reaching your goals. Not impossible. Very difficult. And what do most people do when things get difficult? They revert back to what's familiar, because familiar is easy.

Usually we don't have a lot of people in our life living what we're desiring. Think about it....The people in your life are like you, right? This is because we attract those into our lives that are like us. The people that you're close to share your values, they share your interests, they like much of the same things that you like, and their habits are similar to yours.

If you're working hard to eat healthier and be more active, and the people in your life aren't living that way, they won't be able to support you the way you need to be supported. If eating healthier and being more active isn't their goal, they aren't interested in it the way that you are. They may try to support you, however there's only so much they can do for you.

This is why creating a support team is so important. You will be far more successful when you have professionals there to help you, to guide you, to hold you accountable, and to call you out on your excuses. When you know that you have people in your corner, rooting for you and uplifting you on the days when you feel like giving up, you set yourself up for success!


What is a support team?

A support team is a combination of professionals, I suggest 2-3, that will be able to help and support you in different areas of what you're trying to achieve. This might include a combination of a life coach or mentor, a personal trainer, a naturopath, a nutritionist, or a therapist, to offer a few examples. It might also include investing in education. Only you know for sure who (and what) needs to be included in your support team. Trust your inner knowing to guide you. Get still and listen within. Your intuition knows what's best for you. For more on Trusting Your Intuition, click here.  


How to Create a Support Team ~

  1. First you determine your goal and write it out to declare it.
  2. Once your goal is established, consider what professionals you can hire to support you in achieving that goal.
  3. Then research which professionals you feel most aligned with and invest in their services.


Struggling to Invest in Yourself?

You're not alone! Most people feel unworthy of investing in themselves. They'll tell themselves that it's too expensive. That they don't have that kind of money and they can't afford it. Most people will also say that they don’t have the time because they're too busy.  These are all excuses! The truth is you can afford, and you will always have time, for whatever is a priority to you. When you deem something as important, valuable, and necessary, you'll find a way to pay for it, and you'll find time in your schedule to make it happen.

You are an investment. Investing in yourself first pays off in BIG ways. 


With the right team of professionals supporting you to achieve your goals, you'll go further than you even thought possible for yourself because you'll feel like you can do anything. When you feel like the sky's the limit, you do amazing things. Never underestimate the power of support.

So what are you waiting for? Get clear on your goals for the new year today. Determine who's going to be included in your support team and get started now before everybody else is doing it in January.

Ready to live healthier, happier, and feeling more fulfilled? I can be on your support team and help you. Click here to learn more about my coaching program and book your FREE consultation today! 


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