Create rituals in your life rather than routines ~

A few years ago I learned the value in consciously choosing my thoughts and the words that I speak. I've come to deeply understand the power of thoughts and the power of the spoken word.

Knowing that we can help set ourselves up for success by becoming more conscious of our thoughts and words, helped me create rituals in my life.

I believe that one of the reasons why I'm so successful in maintaining my daily rituals is because I don't associate them with routine. Let me explain....

Years ago, I began calling some of the daily habits I'd implemented into my life, my rituals. I like using this word because when I pay attention to how I feel when I say the word ritual, I notice that the word feels inviting, sacred, and special to me. It feels like something I want to do or be a part of. When I Google searched the definition of the word ritual, the first definition is, a religious or solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order. After reading that definition, I understand why I feel the way I do about this word.

When I feel into the word routine, I notice that it feels like the same-old same-old. It feels rigid and boring. It feels like something I have to do rather something I enjoy doing. After looking up the definition of the word routine, I completely understand why I feel this way. Its definition is, a sequence of actions regularly followed; a fixed program. For me there's nothing inviting, sacred, or special about 'a fixed program'.

By defining certain daily habits as my rituals, I feel more compelled to continue doing them.

Some of my daily rituals are:


Morning Ritual - Each morning I make a point to rise one hour earlier than I need to. This morning ritual ensures that I receive what I call Time for Me each day. Time for Me is an hour of blissful sacred time, where my intention is to be alone and fill my well. Click here to learn more about my morning ritual and why I cherish it so much.

Dinner Ritual - Every night we eat together as a family at the dining table. We discuss the events of the day with one another and we each share one thing we're grateful for. This ritual is one that I look forward to each night. It provides quality family time, while establishing healthy habits for my children that I hope they'll continue into their adult lives.

Evening Ritual - I've implemented an Evening Ritual at the end of my day to ensure I receive the sleep I require (and deserve) each night. This ritual is high on my priority list; without it, I don’t fall into slumber as easily, nor do I sleep as well throughout the night. Click here to learn more about it.

I encourage you to consider some of the daily habits you currently have (or would like to implement). How do you define them? Routine? Or Ritual?


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