Recipes for 'bliss balls' are everywhere and after trying them, I know why....Not only are they incredibly easy to make, (no prepping or baking required), they're full of good-for-you ingredients. I found this recipe that I love, then adapted it slightly. And as the name says, these little chocolate balls are pure bliss!




1 cup cashews

1 cup pitted Medjool dates

2 Tbsp cacao powder (plus a little extra for sprinkling on top finished balls)

Pinch of Himalayan pink salt

1 Tbsp coconut water*

1 Tbsp each chia seeds and hemp seeds




Add the cashews to a high speed blender or food processor and process until they are completely chopped (a couple of minutes).

Add the dates and blend again. Then add the cacao and salt and process a minute more.

Transfer mixture to a bowl and add in the coconut water, chia seeds and hemp seeds.

Mix well with a wooden spoon (mixture will be very thick).

Once all ingredients are blended together, roll a small amount in the palm of your hands to form a ball.

Optional: If you'd like, you can sprinkle a small amount of cacao powder over top balls.

Store in the fridge.


TIP: Mixture is sticky, if you dampen your hands with water before rolling into balls, it makes it easier. And you can get creative with these! Try adding other yummy goodness to them with shredded coconut, ground flax seeds, cacao nibs, or anything else you think of. 

* Add in a little more coconut water if required to give the right consistency. The bliss balls need to stick together, but still roll easily.


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