What are some of your Wellness Essentials?


Wellness (as defined by Merriam-Webster) is the quality or state of being in good health.

Essentials are the things that are absolutely necessary.

When you consider what those two words mean, what things create your wellness essentials list?


Some of my Wellness Essentials are:


Healthy Eating - I learned long ago that what I eat contributes to how I feel. For many years (decades in fact) I was definitely not a healthy eater! Today I know better and I do better. I make eating healthy a priority because I believe that there's a huge difference between filling a hungry tummy and eating food that nourishes my mind and body. Now I choose to do the latter as much as possible. I also believe in eating organic as much as I can to help reduce the amount of chemicals entering my body.

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Regular Exercise - Keeping my body active helps to keep it strong and flexible. Not only that, it also helps me to feel good. Every time I work out at the gym, go to a yoga class, or enjoy a long walk, I receive a generous boost of feel-good hormones and I love that! Those hormones are waiting inside my body to be released and every time they are, my wellness levels go up.

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Adequate Sleep - Much like not eating well, for many years I didn't sleep well. I had no idea how vital a role sleep played in my health and wellness. Now I know that not receiving the amount and quality of sleep I require each night wreaks havoc in every area of my life. Sleep is now so essential to me that I'm willing to leave events early to ensure I'll get the sleep I need. And I willingly allow myself to nap whenever I can if I feel that I need it.

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Meditation Practice - Learning to meditate and maintaining this daily practice has been life changing for me. Literally. I need, absolutely need, time everyday to be still and breathe; to detach myself from all of life's many distractions and help bring calm to my mind and body. Meditation is essential for me. Click here to learn more about my meditation journey.

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Gratitude Journal - The practice of gratitude is essential in my life. Keeping a gratitude journal helps me to maintain an abundant mindset. It helps to keep me positive and always focusing on what I have. When I’m always grateful for what I have right now, I don’t feel any lack in my life. This helps to fuel my wellness. Gratitude is a powerful emotion, that when felt, can literally transform your life. Don't believe me? I challenge you to keep a gratitude journal for 30 days and note at the end how you view your life. I know it will have changed.

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One thing I know for sure is that I'm the sole caretaker of my mind and body. The choices I make influence the way I feel. I'm in charge of my wellness and each of the things I've listed here are essentials for me.


NOTE: I'm talking about health in all areas of life: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

What's essential for your wellness? Share in the comments below.

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