Move Well ~ We all know the importance of moving our body, yet how many of you make the conscious effort to do so? Our Small Things for the month of April, is to Move Well. Let's increase the amount of physical activity we get each day.

The majority of us don't receive near enough movement throughout the day and I get why ~ it's super easy not to in the world we live in! Driving everywhere, elevators to move us up and down, desk jobs that require us to sit all day, along with a plethora of things to watch while we sit zoned out in front of the TV or computer, to name only a few. The truth is, we don't move our body as much as we used to and it's not good for us. In fact, many experts agree that, 'Sitting is the new smoking.' Our sedentary lifestyle is harming our health, well-being and longevity. (More on that in an upcoming blog, stay tuned....)

Although I consider myself to be fairly active, I know I can do better in this area. My commitment for this month is to continue with my daily walks as well as try out some new things. I've signed up for a trial class in each of the following: Zumba, Trampolining and Rock Climbing. This is going to make April a fun month! My husband is also on board and he'll be learning Rock Climbing and Trampolining with me. If I love one of these, I'm committed to joining a weekly class to enjoy it regularly.

What can you commit to this month to get your body moving?

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Remember, there is significant power in what we do, no matter how small.




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