Enjoy a Mindful Minute ~ That is our Small Thing for this month. Let's all commit to at least one mindful minute each day.

I know you're busy with lots on your mind and the idea of being mindful, even for one minute, seems impossible. It's not! It's actually really easy to do if you're willing to make the commitment to doing so. In fact, the busier you are the more you will benefit from this practice.

Being mindful means you're present with whatever it is you're experiencing in the present moment without judgment. You notice your thoughts or feelings without labelling them as good or bad. Whatever is just simply is.

All you need is a few mindful minutes a day (I suggest you start with one minute if 'a few minutes' feels overwhelming) to effectively reduce your stress and lower your blood pressure, heartrate and anxiety levels. You can also effectively increase your awareness, attention, focus, and clarity in thinking. These are only a few of the many incredible benefits being mindful has.

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There is significant power in what we do, no matter how small.

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