Let's Connect in a Meaningful Way ~ Each of us can intuitively sense when someone isn’t present with us. I know you have been in that situation before, where you are telling someone something and you can feel that they aren’t really paying attention to you. It doesn’t feel good.  And yet, you have likely (whether consciously or not) also done that same thing to someone else. It’s a Small Thing to connect with another in a meaningful way and the benefits are extraordinary! When we remain present and connected with someone, we help to create a deeper sense of connection with that person, it contributes to feelings of trust and it nurtures our relationship with them. It also contributes to reducing feelings of stress.

Try remaining present with your child when commuting somewhere. Or commit to being present with the friend you are having lunch with. Let’s all make the commitment, to Connect with Someone in a Meaningful Way at least once each day. It’s our Small Thing for the next 30 days.

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There is significant power in what we do, no matter how small.

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