Are you doing what you love?

How many of you are staying in a job that you don’t love because it’s easier to stay than to seek out what you really want? After all, your bills are being paid and your benefit package is good, so it’ll do. It’ll do?! Are those the only reasons to stay in a job? What about having a love for what you do? How about feeling a passion so strong that what you do every day doesn’t feel like ‘work’? Or consider this, earning income for doing a job you would do for free anyways? Therefore, the pay cheque becomes the cherry on top of an already delicious cupcake.

So many of us buy into the belief that having a good job is defined by the following criteria: what the job title is; working ‘regular Monday - Friday business hours'; how much the earnings are; a benefit package; and a retirement plan. I say, ‘So many of us,’ because I used to buy into this belief as well.

I graduated high school with high hopes from my family that I would attend University, get a degree in something that would make everyone proud, then secure a good job, (which of course entailed all the criteria listed above).

Shortly after high school ended, I remember sitting at the dinner table filling out the forms for University and intuitively knowing that this wasn’t for me. Thankfully, I listened to that voice and had the courage to stop filling out those forms. Instead I enrolled in Cosmetology school and trained to become a hairdresser, much to the disappointment of my family. Disappointment that I was clearly aware of. My choice in career didn't meet the expectations that were set forth for me.

I knew I was disappointing those around me with my decision, and I did it anyway. After graduating, I worked in that industry for over 10 years. All the while, never being able to reach my full potential in that profession. Each time I began to feel a little bit of success, the tape would replay in my mind all that been told to me about why this career choice wasn't good.

I was courageous enough to own my truth and choose the career I wanted at the time. However, I wasn’t yet strong enough to heal the hurt and shame that I felt, knowing I was disappointing others. And during all those years, deep within, I held onto the belief that what I was doing wasn't considered a real job and most certainly, not a good job.

Fast forward to today and I’ve come a long way. What I now know to be true is this...

There is an unspoken belief for many around what a career means. So often, one will ‘seek out a good job,’ believing that outside things will bring happiness and fulfillment to their life. For many, it is about boasting what their job title is, allowing it to define them. How often do we hear someone bragging about how much fun they have at work? Or, about the incredible work environment they're fortunate enough to work in? How often does one express the joy and gratitude felt, for having the opportunity to support themselves (and their family) while living their passion?

For so many, the decision they make around their career is based heavily on finding something that will follow the good job rules. Or, it might also be about following in someone else’s footsteps.

Once the good job is secured, the earnings are spent consuming all the things that are meant to follow.... A big house with lots of stuff to fill the space, a nice vehicle, expensive vacations, and so on. The sense of validation from family and/or friends is felt…for a while. In fact, everything is felt...for a while. It isn't long before the house no longer seems good enough. The vehicle becomes too old. The days at work start feeling longer and the countdown to the fancy vacation destination, feels like an eternity. All the ‘stuff’ that's been acquired is no longer 'good enough' and the belief is that ‘better things’ are needed.

This is when one might find themselves in a never-ending cycle. Needing the job to continue the lifestyle they’ve created, based on that job. Feeling stuck and unable to pursue what they really want to do, if they're lucky enough to know what that is. And if they're unsure about what that is, feeling unable to figure it out. All of this brings so much stress. Stress that is unnecessary and can be eliminated.

Think about this...

If you work a full-time job, you probably work a minimum of 40 hours/week in that job. Your time is worth being in a work environment that uplifts you. Don't you desire to be around like-minded people, whom you enjoy sharing your time with? You're worthy of doing a job that you love. What fills you up inside? Rather than drag yourself out of bed to go to work, wouldn’t you rather wake up embracing another day, knowing you're living your passion?

I know there are so many of you that have become complacent in your life. You're floating through life, rather than actually living it. Perhaps at some point on your path, you too, had the same intuitive knowing that what you were about to do wasn’t for you. You might not have felt the courage then to own your truth, however maybe today you feel differently. Life is so forgiving. It always, without fail, gives us a clean slate with each new day that we awake to. How fabulous is that?!

Life is for living! You are here to live your life, not simply float through it. Doing what you love helps you to thrive. Begin to live your life doing what you love. Why? One simple, yet powerful answer ~ You deserve to.


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